Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Walk Bike to Hudson Schools on May 8th

Hudson Schools Celebrates
National Bike/Walk to School Day
on Weds. May 8th 2013

Hudson Schools will be joining schools from around the U.S. to celebrate our 3rd annual National Bike/Walk to School Day on May 8th.   

Students from Evamere, East Woods, McDowell and Hudson Middle School will be walking and bicycling to school that Wednesday along with parents, teachers and community leaders.

Walkers and bikers alike will receive recognition on this day to get out, celebrate Spring and get some morning exercise!   There will be parent volunteers and an increased police presence in neighborhoods surrounding Hudson Schools.  Tables will be set up manned by parent volunteers to reward participants, and there will be special recognition on the morning announcements!

Bike/Walk to School events work to create safer routes for walking and bicycling and emphasize the importance of issues such as increasing physical activity, promoting independence among children, pedestrian and bicycle safety, traffic congestion, concern for the environment and building connections between families, schools and the broader community.

The event is being organized by Safe Routes Hudson, a community-initiated effort to improve the walking and bicycling conditions in Hudson.  Special emphasis is being placed on a combination of activities that make it safer for our children to walk and bicycle to school.

Safe Routes Hudson & HCSD Grades 3 - 5 launch MOVband & MOVchallen​ge Program!

Safe Routes Hudson and Hudson City Schools (grades 3 – 5) are pleased to announce the launch of their first MOVchallenge the week of April 15, 2013.

As part of this challenge, students will be given a MOVband in homeroom and be responsible for wearing and caring for it the remainder of the 2013 school year. The Classic MOVband ( is designed to get children moving and excited about being active. It is a watch with 3 settings: time, moves and miles. The device has a 3D chip and tracks steps and arm movement.

The MOVchallenge is 100 miles in 21 days! This will be a fun challenge to encourage movement at school and home. Your child will also be given a charger and must charge their MOVband every 10 days (You will not lose your miles during this process). The MOVband is water resistant and cannot be worn swimming!

If your child loses the MOVband the replacement cost is $19.99. Note: Your child will need to return the MOVband to their Homeroom Teacher the week of Monday, May 27th.  It is our hope to get your child excited about moving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you for your support!