When is it Safe to use a Crosswalk?

Ohio pedestrian Right-of-way laws are very confusing for people crossing the street and for drivers.

Have you ever been in Hudson waiting at the curb —while trying to use a crosswalk without signals— and the cars don’t stop?

If you grew up in New England, you are probably irate by now!

However, Ohio, unlike in New England, does not require a driver to stop for pedestrians standing at the curb or approaching a crosswalk. You must be within or upon the crosswalk before you have the right-of-way.

Oh, and one more important fact about the law…you cannot step within or upon the crosswalk in front of a car that doesn’t have enough time to stop.

So, to be really be safe in Ohio at a crosswalk without signals – remember to allow enough time for cars to stop and then step within or upon the crosswalk.

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